How do I apply for services?

How do I change my child support order?

How do I file my own motion with the court?

My child is in foster care and the child support money I was receiving from my ex-husband is now going to the State of Wisconsin. I've received an appointment letter stating I must go to the Child Support Agency to establish an order for me to pay. Why must I pay if you are already getting my ex-husbands child support?

Does an adjustment or modification always increase the current child support order?

My order allows me time with my children, but the father of my children is not letting me see them. Can I stop paying support?

The children are living with me now. Why am I still paying support to their mother?

My ex-wife doesn't spend the support money on our kids. What can be done?

I'm not working now. Why do I still have to pay the same amount of child support?

How do I know if a payment was received? Has the child support payment been mailed yet?

Why do I still have a warrant for my arrest against me when I'm now making payments?

How do I find out if my name is on the Child Support Lien Docket?

How long will the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund take to process my payments?

I will have an additional child to support by Court order. Will there be a difference in the amount of support currently being received by my original family?

The father of my children does not want a Notice of Income Withholding to go to his employer. He prefers to pay me directly. Is this all right?

I got notice that my taxes were intercepted; however, my recent billing statement doesn't reflect the payment. Where did my money go?

Besides paying my current support, I am making payments on the child support arrears and birth expenses. I am being charged interest on the back support and I just received notice that my taxes are going to be intercepted. Can you do this? What can I do?

I owe back child support and I know my taxes will be intercepted. I am remarried and am concerned you will intercept my new wife's tax return. Will this happen?

I am not getting any child support. I want the court ordered payer in jail but the Child Support Agency just sends him/her a letter. I want him/her arrested. What can I do?

My youngest child turned 18 in February, but doesn't graduate until June. When will my child support obligation stop?

The court ordered payer is remarried. The new spouse makes a lot of money. Can the amount I receive for child support be based on the spouse's income also?

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