Chapter 51, Wisconsin Statues- Mental Health

Provides legal procedures for voluntary and involuntary admission, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals (adults and minor children) afflicted with mental illness, developmental disability, drug dependency or alcoholism.

Methods of initiating an involuntary civil commitment proceeding include:

  • Law Enforcement Emergency Detention

  • Treatment Director Emergency Detention

  • Three Party- Petition for Examination

    • To file a Three Party Petition contact Waupaca County Behavioral Health Mental Health Crisis Manager to discuss your request. All requests will be initiated at and go through the Mental Health Crisis Manager.

      All requests will be measured against the Wisconsin Chapter 51 Statute requirements. These requirements must include some element of imminent dangerousness based on acts or acts of omission that the person in question is committing that will realistically lead to self harm or harm to others and is believed to be due to a mental illness. In all circumstances it must be believed that a substantial probability exists that death, serious physical injury, debilitation or disease will imminently ensue unless the person receives prompt adequate treatment.

      If you would like procedural information in writing you may contact Waupaca County Behavioral Health.

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