Services and Functions

Civil Actions

  • Mental Health Commitments
  • Guardianships/ Protective Placements
  • Child Support Enforcement Contempt and Paternity
  • Zoning Enforcement/ Injunctions and Forfeitures
  • Small Claims/ Collections
  • Specific Functions

Corporation Counsel was established to act as legal counsel for the County Board of Supervisors, its committees, departments, agencies and boards. The office’s legal functions vary as greatly.


Reviews new policies and proposed changes in existing polices prior to the presentation to the County Board. Researches issues as requested by the County Board and County Clerk, reviews contracts, and assists in legal issues for the Human Resources Department. Corporation Counsel researches, reviews and if necessary, prosecutes ethical complaints involving County government and drafts and prepares documents for Waupaca County real estate transactions.

Child Support

Corporation Counsel represents the Child Support Agency at court hearings for the modification and establishment of child support orders and enforcement of existing orders. The Child Support Agency reviews support orders for modification and pursues unpaid support through administrative and judicial actions and obtains, monitors and enforces child support orders in cases where parents are separated, divorced, unmarried or when children are place in out-of-home placements.  In addition, the Child Support Agency prosecutes paternity action to legally determine the child’s father and to recover expenses related to the child’s birth from the father. Corporation Counsel also performs legal research and provides information to the Child Support Agency.

Clerk of Courts

Researches question that may arise and represents the County at hearings for the collection of Guardian ad Litem fees and other monies owed to the County.

Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services Department reviews and drafts court documents pertaining to three-party petitions and emergency detentions for mental commitments.  Corporation Counsel represents the Department and the County at all mental commitment proceedings. Reviews and prepares court documents pertaining to guardianship matters. Represents the County and Department at all guardianship hearings initiated by the Health and Human Services Department.

Emergency Management

Reviews contracts from and to vendors. Researches issues as requested by the Emergency Management Department and serves as Public Information Officer in the Operations Center.

Highway Department

Serves as legal advisor to the County Highway Commissioner and County Highway Committee. Drafts legal documents as required in the performance of their duties. Attends meetings and/or court appearances where the Commissioner or Committee is a party or where the acquisition of lands for state or county highway purposes is concerned.

Public Health

Appears in Count on public health citations and drafts any necessary documents. Assists the Environmental Specialist with questions of abatement and other health code/ordinance violations.

Sheriff’s Department

Researches questions presented by Law Enforcement Committee, Sheriff’s Department and Jail personnel. Reviews contracts and advises Sheriff’s Department.

Termination of Parental Rights

Serves as advocate in termination of parental rights hearings which determine whether parents alleged to having abused and/or neglected their children should have their parental rights terminated. Advise the Department of Health and Human Services on legal issues relating to the abuse and/or neglect of children.


Researches issues pertaining to tax foreclosures. Assists Treasurer’s office with preparation of tax deeds. Provides advice regarding taxation or fiscal problems affecting Waupaca County.


Drafts and/or reviews correspondence to individuals and their attorneys regarding ordinance violations. Drafts and reviews complaints and citations issued for violations. Represents the Department at court hearings and drafts documents concerning violations. Attends public hearings and gives guidance to the Planning and Zoning Committee and the Board of adjustment.


Initiates collection actions on behalf of Waupaca County.

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