Notice of Intent to Cut Wood Products

Per Wisconsin Statute 26.03, no person may harvest any raw forest products, or direct the harvesting of any raw forest products, from any land until 14 days after properly notifying the County Clerk's Office. Notification expires on the December 31st  immediately following the notification. Notification forms are available upon request by calling the County Clerk's Office at 715-258-6202, or you may submit the request electronically using the below form.

Notification is not required by persons harvesting raw forest products for fuel wood for his or her home consumption, by a person harvesting for the purpose of clearing the land for agricultural use or by a person harvesting from the person's own land, any of the following:

  1. Boughs for his or her own use or
  2. Up to 5 Christmas trees for his or her own use.

No person may harvest any raw forest products, or direct the harvest of any raw forest products, from any land for which taxes are delinquent.

Per Wisconsin Statute 26.03 penalties may be assessed for non-compliance.

Waupaca County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 32, Waupaca County Shoreland Protection Ordinance Section 7.2 states that vegetation removal within the vegetative buffer zone is prohibited, with few exceptions. The vegetative buffer zone is the area of land that extends from the ordinary high water mark to a minimum of thirty-five (35) feet inland. Contact the Waupaca County Zoning office for more information (715) 258-6255.

Legal notice: Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 26.03 of the Wisconsin Statutes, that I am going to cut wood products on the following described lands.

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