Voter Information

How to Register to Vote

  • By mail. Up to 20 days before the election. Registration forms should be mailed to your municipal clerk. You can start your voter registration form online at Your form must be printed, signed, and mailed or delivered, to your municipal clerk. You must always provide a Proof of Residence document when registering. If you are registering by mail, you can use any of the forms of Proof of Residence except a residential lease.
  • Online. Up to 20 days before the election. Voters who have a valid State of Wisconsin Driver License or State of Wisconsin ID card issued by the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can register to vote online on the MyVote Wisconsin website: To register online, the voter must enter a name, date of birth, Driver License or ID number, and an address that matches what is on file with the Wisconsin DMV. If all of the fields match, the voter will be able to register to vote completely online without needing to print, sign or mail the form and without needing to send a proof of residence document. Voters who are not able to match their information with the information in the DMV database will be given the option to register by mail (see instructions above).
  • In the municipal clerk’s office. You may register in-person in your municipal clerk’s office up until the Friday before the election at 5:00 p.m. or close of business, whichever is later. You must always provide a Proof of Residence document when registering to vote.
  • At the polling place on Election Day. You may register at the polls on Election Day. You must always provide a Proof of Residence document when registering to vote.

**Proof of residence must be provided when registering to vote.**  For information on acceptable forms of proof of residence, click here.

** To find your municipal clerk information, click here.

How Do I Request an Absentee Ballot?

Absentee ballots are available from your municipal clerk. See the link above to find your municipal clerk information.

Helpful Resources

MyVote Wisconsin: Contains detailed Wisconsin election information including voter registration information, requesting an absentee ballot, polling place location, etc.

Wisconsin Elections Commission: Administration of Wisconsin Election Laws

State of Wisconsin Ethics Commission: Administration of Wisconsin's campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics laws

Bring It To the Ballot: Voter Photo ID information and how to obtain a free state ID card

Wisconsin State Legislature: Information on Wisconsin Senate and Assembly district representatives, law and legislation, administrative rules, etc. Information on all members of Congress, legislative activities, etc.

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