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Child & Youth Services

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Child Protective Services

We receive referrals for child protective services, which includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, or emotional damage.  We also provide outreach to families with concerns about children and family functioning.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice services are provided to youth and families to promote safety for referred youth, their families, and the community, as well as accountability for the juveniles and everyone who impacts the lives of the youth. We work in partnership with family members and the community to assist the young person and family to strengthen their connections with each other and their commitments to be positive parts of the community in which they live. As part of our services to the community, we attempt to collect restitution for victims of juveniles’ delinquent behaviors.

Foster/Kinship Care

Foster care is provided to children that are in need of care. We also license individuals and families wishing to become licensed foster homes. Kinship care is another service offered similar to foster care, in which children are placed in the care of a relative.


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Child Protective Services/Juvenile Justice: 

Foster/Kinship Care:
Laura Yach, 715-258-6300


 Cristin Czerwonka, Manager
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