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Other Agency Abbreviations and Phone Numbers
  • DATCP 
    • Wisconsin Dept of Ag, Trade & Consumer Protection
    • Phone: 608-224-4633
  • DNR 
  • FSA 
  • FWS 
  • LWCD 
    • Waupaca County Land & Water Conservation
    • Phone: 715-258-6245
  • NRCS 
    • USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
    • Phone: 715-258-8380

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)
Purpose: To provide technical and financial assistance to landowners for conservation practices that protect soil and water quality. 
Practices: A wide range of soil and water conservation practices, including both management and structural practices.
Eligibility: Ag producers and forest land owners are eligible.  Projects are selected based on environmental value.
Contract: 1-10 year contracts. Participants are reimbursed based on flat rate payments for each practice.
Public Access: Not required.
Contact: NRCS, LWCD

County Land & Water Resource Management Program (LWRM)

Purpose: To reduce soil erosion, protect water quality, and conserve county-identified natural resources. 
Description: Cost-share and technical assistance to landowners to install best management practices.
Eligibility: Determined by Land Conservation Committee and Department. 70% cost-share. Available throughout the county.
Contract: Cost-share agreement.
Public Access: Not required.
Contact: LWCD

Targeted Runoff Management (TRM)
Purpose: The TRM Grant Program offers competitive grants for controlling nonpoint source (NPS) pollution. Grants reimburse costs for agriculture runoff management practices in targeted, critical geographic areas with surface water or groundwater quality concerns.
Description: 70% cost-share for selected practices.
Eligibility: Must be determined by LWCD
Contract: 10 Years
Public Access:   Not required.
Contact: LWCD

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

Purpose: To reduce erosion, increase wildlife habitat, improve water quality, and increase forest land.
Description: Landowner establishes conservation cover (grass or trees) on cropland. Annual payments are based on soil type.
Practices: Tree planting, grass cover, small wetland restoration, prairie and oak savannah establishment, etc.
Eligibility: Must have recent cropping history. Land is accepted into program if bid qualifies. Signups are publicly announced periodically.
Contract: 10-15 years. Transferable with change in owner ship
Public Access:   Not required.
Contact: FSA

Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP) &
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program(CREP)

Purpose: To improve water quality & increase wildlife habitat in riparian areas.
Description: Landowner sets aside cropland or pastureland along permanent water bodies such as streams, rivers, lakes, drainage ditches and some wetlands.
Practices: Tree planting, cool and warm season grass establishment, small wetland restoration.
Eligibility: Must have recent cropping history or be considered pastureland.
Contract: 10-15 years. Also an option for a perpetual easement. Payments based on soil type, type of cover to be applied to the buffer area and length of agreement.
Public Access:   Not required.
Contact: FSA, NRCS, LWCD

Farmland Preservation Program

Purpose: To help preserve farmland through local planning and zoning, promote soil and water conservation, and provide income tax relief to participating farmers.
Description: Farmers qualify if they own land within the Farm land Preservation Zone. Currently the zone consists of parts of the Towns of Lind, Lebanon, Little Wolf, St Lawrence, Scandinavia, Union, Bear Creek and Matteson.
Practices: As required to maintain Conservation Compliance.  Nutrient Management Planning is always required.
Eligibility: Landowner or renter must produce gross farm revenue of $6,000 in the previous year and must maintain Conservation Compliance per ATCP 50 and NR 151.
Public Access:   Not required.
Contact: LWCD

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