Farmland Preservation
The Waupaca County Board of Supervisors passed the new Waupaca County Farmland Preservation Plan in November of 2014 and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) recently certified the associated Waupaca County Farmland Preservation Zoning Overlay. The Farmland Preservation Plan and related Zoning Overlay was a culmination of almost three years of planning work on behalf of Waupaca County and the participating town governments.

The Wisconsin Farmland Preservation Program (FPP) provides state income tax credits to Wisconsin farmers and landowners in exchange for keeping land in agricultural use and maintaining compliance with Wisconsin’s soil and water conservation requirements. In Waupaca County the income tax credit is $7.50 per acre for landowners who meet the following eligibility criteria:
  1. Property taxes must be paid current.
  2. Claimants must have $6000 (or $18,000 over a 3 year period) gross farm revenue generated on their property. For rented land this comes from the operator’s commodity receipts not rental income. Gross farm revenue may include timber sales.
  3. Have a Waupaca County LWCD issued Conservation Compliance Certificate.
  4. Have and follow a current NRCS 590 Nutrient Management Plan.

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