If you are updating or creating a new plan please install the updated version to ensure your plan is completed to the most recent standard and planning software. 

After installing the latest version please be sure to update all fields by uploading the data to SnapMaps, then download back into SnapPlus, and finally select all fields and import both field data as well as restriction data.

We strongly encourage any operation managing manure to plan for next fall's spreading locations, times, and rates.   Planning ahead will ensure any fall manure applications will be applied with confidence!

The full SnapPlus database is requested for all plan submissions, but at a minimum please submit the entire "590 Compliance Defaults" bulk export, with a verified and signed copy of the 2015 standard checklist, and any maps for new/altered fields.

As always, if help is needed please reach out to us!

590 Nutrient Management Plans can be submitted to our office address or digitally via email.

Office location:
Waupaca County Land and Water Conservation Department
811 Harding St.
Waupaca, WI 54981

Or email:

Dropbox or other services by request.

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