Courthouse Urgent Needs Project Updates
Waupaca County Courthouse would like to inform the public of remodeling and an exterior repair project that will take place over the summer. Guests of the courthouse  are encouraged to watch for signage regarding changes to public entrance and parking. Work is expected to begin sometime after Memorial Day and complete around Labor Day. Work includes some remodeling on 2nd and 3rd floor, with the bulk of the project on the exterior of the building. Please be mindful of construction equipment and traffic around the building during this time. Thank you.

Click on the links below to view project updates.

Field Report #1 05/08/2018

Field Report #2 06/07/2018

Field Report #3 06/28/2018

Field Report #4 07/17/2018

Field Report #5 08/02/2018 (Revised 08/10/2018)

Field Report #6 08/10/2018

Field Report #7 09/06/2018

Field Report #8 09/21/2018

Field Report #9 10/04/2018

Field Report #10 11/01/2018

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