What is the difference between a coroner and a medical examiner? 

A Coroner is elected by the people for a four-year term, and as long as they are re-elected,they may run as often as they like. The State of Wisconsin Statutes require that whomever is running for the Office of Coroner need be a resident of their county, have no felony convictions and be at least 18 years of age.
A Medical Examiner may or may not be a physician and is appointed by the County Board and they will hold that position until they are ready to step down or they are released from their position. Waupaca County has education and experience requirements for this position.


How many deaths does the Medical Examiner's Office investigate per year?

In 2018, the Waupaca County Medical Examiner's Office investigated the following:

Natural deaths:  146
Fatalities:  6
Suicides: 9
Injury deaths:  19
Hospice deaths: 344 

Including other non-mentioned categories,the office investigated a total of 947 deaths in 2018.


Is there a charge for an autopsy? 

The Medical Examiner decides which cases are to be autopsied depending upon the circumstances of death.  There is no charge to the family for a Medical Examiner's autopsy. 

If a family requests an autopsy, they may be responsible for the cost.

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