To report a death in Waupaca
Contact the Waupaca
County Sheriff's Office to have
the on-duty Medical Examiner
paged. The non-emergency number is 715-258-4466.

The cremation permit fee is $150.00. 

Waupaca County does not charge a fee for signing a death certificate.

can be obtained from the Waupaca County Register of Deeds at 715-258- 6250.

MedicalExaminar Waupaca County Medical Examiner


 Chief Medical Examiner Cathi Wegener, EMTP

Deputy Medical Examiner DeAnna Kramer, EMTP

Deputy Medical Examiner Sharon Sohr, RN

Deputy Medical Examiner Doug Ford, EMTP

Deputy Medical Examiner Florence Tate, RN










Dispatch: 715-258-4466          Medical Examiner: 715-256-4544                     Fax: 715-256-4589

Address: Law Enforcement Center
1402 E. Royalton Street
Waupaca, WI  54981

General Questions:
During normal business hours, 
M-F,8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Phone : 715-256-4544.

Fax number: 715-256-4589

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