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Nursing Home Reporting Guidelines

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The guidelines below are to clarify the reporting of a death to the Medical Examiner. The following cases must be reported to the Medical Examiner immediately at the time of death.


  1. Any death that falls within the "County Guidelines". 
  2. Any death following a fall "IF" the fall could be a contributing cause of the death. 
  3. Any death of a person who is in a nursing home as a result of a serious injury regardless of the age of the injury or whether or not the injury caused the death. 
  4. Any death occurring during the use of physical restraints "IF" there is reason to believe that the death was related to their use. 
  5. Any death occurring during the use of psychotropic medication "IF" there is reason to believe that the death was related to their use. 

  It is not necessary to report these deaths to the Medical Examiner unless there may be a direct relationship between the falls and the death. 

If you have a death in your facility that you know is going to be a cremation, please notify the Medical Examiner's Office if the funeral home is from outside of Waupaca County. 

In the case of a reportable death, do not alter the death scene in any way. If no resuscitation attempts were made, do not move the body without prior authorization from the Medical Examiner. Leave the body exactly as it was found and secure the scene until the Medical Examiner arrives. 

As always, if you are in doubt as to reporting the death, call the Medical Examiner. A Medical Examiner is available 24 hours/day. Have the chart available to answer questions. The Medical Examiner will decide if the case falls within the guidelines.

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