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Located at the WAUPACA COUNTRY CLUB, 1330 WARE ST., WAUPACA, has approximately 3.2 miles of groomed trail.  We welcome both classic and skate cross country skiers, fat bikers with tires 3.8" or wider, snowshoers, and skijorers.  Please use the Country Club parking lot. (See link to map below)


The Waupaca Country Club is Private Property.  Ski, Snowshoe, and Fat Bike on Open Groomed Trails Only!
Any activities performed away from the groomed trail is Trespassing! The Winter Recreational Trail is a Privilege, any unauthorized use of the Waupaca Country Club grounds puts the trail at risk. Please respect the grounds and stay on the groomed surface only.

Jan. 7, 2022

The Winter Rec. Trail is OPEN.  It was groomed Jan. 6th. The trail is in good condition, however expect some drifting and thin areas due to the high winds. There is one segment closed due to flooding from the river, users should remain off of the closed area. NO classic tracks have been set.


Trail Conditions

Skate Lane - Open

Fat Bike Lane - Open

Classic Lane - No tracks set

Snow Shoe Lane - Open


A trail pass is required.  Daily pass envelopes are available at the trailhead parking lot.  Seasonal passes can be purchased through the daily envelopes or at the County Parks Dept. in the Courthouse.

DAILY PASS - $5.00

winter rec trail 2021

rules and lanes


Achieve Committee - $10,000
Waupaca Area Community Foundation - $7,500
Hotel/Motel Tax - $6,970
Waupaca Foundry - $5,000
Matthews Tire - $2,000
Adventure Outfitters - $1,000
Farmers State Bank - $1,000
James & Linda Stoltenberg - $1,000
Office Outfitters - $500
Dr. Robert Wubben - $500
Terry & Aniko Gerlach - $500
Theda Care - $500
Torborgs Lumber - $500

Denny Wandtke - $250
John and Joan Laabs - $250
NAPA Lakeland Automotive - $250
Jane Murray - $250
Gary Herwig - $250
Neuville Motors - $150
David & Kathleen Paton - $100
Mark Scotch - $50
Jerry Tiffany - $25


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