Welcome to the Waupaca County Building Inspection Department

At this time, this page only applies to the Townships of Dupont, Farmington, Iola, Lind, Matteson and Scandinavia. If your project is in a different Township, please refer to this list.
The inspection service is provided by General Engineering. Our office is located on the basement level of the County Courthouse Room LL23 by appointment only.  Please contact : Rodney Schoepke (608)617-9253, email:

Your first contact will be with the Planning & Zoning Office at 715-258-6255 to see if a Land Use Permit, or other action will be required through the Planning & Zoning Office. Land Use Permits are concerned with the use of property as well as setbacks to property lines, roads and septic system components. Land Use Permits are required for any new/replacement structures as well as structural modifications and starting up any kind of business in an unincorporated area. Obtain a Land Use Permit for any size accessory structure, patios, decks, additions, etc.

After the Land Use permit is issued, if required, we can issue your Building Permit. We make sure your project complies with the Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC). You can find the application packets for each type of project on the blue bar to the left, or in the Planning & Zoning Office. Each packet is complete with the information you will need to apply for the Building Permit, or you can apply on-line at  (Instructions for on-line permit). Please apply for both land use and building permits at the same time to make the process more timely for you. Talk to the Building Inspector for applicable fees for your project.

When do I need a Building Permit for my home project?

What about if I am just doing a deck?

What if I am just doing some plumbing or electrical work?

I plan on putting in new windows should I get a permit?

I bought a new shed from my local lumber company, do I need a Building Permit?

Do I need a razing permit to tear down a structure on my property?

Our company is remodeling their offices, should they get a Building Permit?

Other projects that do not need a Building Permit:

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