Conservancy District

This is a voluntary zoning district to provide for general agricultural and open-space activities with the prohibition of any structures or buildings. It is intended to be used as a tool to preserve tracts of land that are to remain free from structural development, but can continue to be used for agriculture. (There is no financial incentive and is not the Conservation Easement Program.)

Permitted Principal Uses:

  1. Agricultural 
  2. Agricultural – Animal Husbandry, in accordance with the animal unit allowances of Appendix B – Animal Density Unit Standards
  3. Forestry Management

Conditional Uses:

  1. Outdoor Public Recreation


  1. Minimum of five (5) acres, no maximum acreage required
  2. Consistent with all Planning Districts found within the Preferred Land Use Map, except for Residential

  3. Requires no development rights. Any existing development rights may exist but cannot be used in this district.  They can be transferred in accordance with Sec. 7.06(2) and Sec. 8.07(1)(d). 

  4. Any existing or new structures are prohibited

  5. Property owners may rezone into the Conservancy District with approval of a Petition for Zoning Map    Amendment and a document recorded detailing the acreage under the Conservancy District.  

  6. Once in the Conservancy District, property owners may adjust the acreage as long as it results in a greater or equal amount of acreage that remains in the Conservancy District. This procedure would also require a Petition for Zoning Map Amendment and a new document recorded detailing the change in acreage.

  7. This Conservancy District is not the same as Chapter 47 Waupaca County Voluntary Conservation Easement Donation Ordinance which is administered through Land & Water Conservation Department.


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