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Agency Contact List

Commonly Requested Government Contacts

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
UWSP Archeology 715-346-4888
Army Corps of Engineers Kyle Zibung Construction and Dredging, in the Nation's Navigable Waters kyle.d.zibung@usace.army.mil 715-345-7911
Dept of Natural Resources Mark Chamberlain Asbestos 920-424-7898
Waupaca County Planning & Zoning Office Jeff Henneman Shoreland/Floodplain/Junk Enforcement jeffrey.henneman@co.waupaca.wi.us 715-258-6269
Waupaca County Planning & Zoning Jason Snyder Zoning Administrator - CSM review jason.snyder@co.waupaca.wi.us 715-258-6373
Land Conservation Dept Brian Haase Agricultural Conservation Practices brian.haase@co.waupaca.w.us 715-258-6246
Land Conservation Dept Greg Peterson Agricultural Conservation Practices greg.peterson@co.waupaca.wi.us 715-258-6246
Waupaca County Highway Dept Kyle Fischer Road Access/Culverts on Cty Hwy. kyle.fischer@co.waupaca.wi.us 715-258-7152
Dept of Safety & Professional Services Ryan Geiger Commercial Building Inspector ryan.geiger@wisconsin.gov 608-235-7405
Dept of Natural Resources Erin Hanson Agricultural Waste Mgt Non-Point ErinE.Hanson@Wisconsin.gov 920-662-5419
Dept of Natural Resources Mark Debaker Public Drinking Water mark.debaker@wisconsin.gov 920-662-5187
Dept of Natural Resources Ben Baumgart Forestry/MFL 715-258-8432
Dept of Natural Resources Ted Johnson Lakes Specialist tedm.johnson@wisconsin.gov 920-787-3048
East Central Planning Commission Scott Konkle Non-Metallic Mining (Regional) skonkle@eastcentralpc.org 920-751-4770
Dept of Natural Resources Zoe McManama Non-Metallic Mining zoe.mcmanama@wisconsin.gov 715-490-1176
Dept of Natural Resources Dale Rezabek Shoreland Zoning Regulation dale.rezabek@wisconsin.gov 920-303-5440
Dept of Natural Resources James Zellmer Solid Waste/Burning james.zellmer@wisconsin.gov 920-662-5431
Waupaca County Solid Waste Dept. Taylor Leach Solid Waste/Burning Taylor.Leach@co.waupaca.wi.us 715-258-6254
Dept of Natural Resources Adam Scheunemann Wells Adam.Scheunemann@wisconsin.gov 715-299-0587
Dept of Administration Plat Review Program plat.review@wi.gov 608-266-3200
Dept of Transportation Anthony Culbert Outdoor Advertising on State Highways anthony.culbert@dot.wi.gov 715-421-8082
Dept of Transportation Kelly Nicolaus Road Access on State Highways kelly.nicolaus@dot.wi.gov 715-421-8051
EPA National Response Hotline - Oil Spills 1-800-424-8802
Chain Sanitary District Chain O' Lakes Sanitary District wcolsd@gmail.com 715-258-9200
Dept of Natural Resources DNR Hotline to Report a Violation 1-800-847-9367
Diggers Hotline Diggers Hotline 811 or (800) 242-8511
Land & Water Conservation Dan McFarlane Shoreland Mitigation daniel.mcfarlane@co.waupaca.wi.us 715-258-6246
Dept of Natural Resources Scott Koehnke Water Management Specialist - Compliance scott.koehnke@wisconsin.gov 715-526-4232
CAP Services Mona Aubut maubut@capmail.org 715-343-7146
Dept of Natural Resources Alexis Peter Wastewater Specialist - septage Peter, Alexis K - DNR (920) 662-5145
Dept of Natural Resources Crystal Von Holdt Water Mgt Specialist - piers/docks/ponds/rip rap/OHWM/Navigability crystal.vonholdt@wisconsin.gov 920-410-3181
Dept of Natural Resources Sarah Adkins Water Management Specialist - Wetland & Mitigation sarah.adkins@wisconsin.gov 920-420-1528
Dept of Natural Resources Jared Seidl Water Mgt Specialist - Habitat & Outdoor Recreation/Public Access jared.seidl@wisconsin.gov 920-303-5423
Waupaca County Sanitarian Jed Wohlt Sanitarian jed.wohlt@co.waupaca.wi.us 715-258-6389
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