What Is The Farmland Preservation Overlay?

The Wisconsin Farmland Preservation Overlay is a tool designed to help local governments and landowners preserve agricultural land, minimize conflicting land uses, and promote soil and water conservation. Owners of farmland who participate in the Farmland Preservation program may receive income tax credits as incentives.

The Waupaca County Farmland Preservation Plan guides future land use decisions by limiting allowable uses and activities within the Farmland Preservation Overlay. Participating Townships include:  Bear Creek, Farmington, Larrabee, Lebanon, Lind, Little Wolf, Matteson, Scandinavia, St. Lawrence, and Union. County Map


  • Once in Farmland Preservation, a land division for a non-farm structure will only be allowed with a rezone into Rural Residential – Overlay (RR-O) or Rural Commercial –  Overlay (RC-O). 
  • One development right will be required for every 2 acres rezoned into RR-O or RC-O.  If you have other lands within the same Township that are also in the Farmland Preservation Overlay, you may transfer development rights. 
  • The transfer of development rights will be allowed from this overlay into lands outside, but as the intention is to preserve farmland, you may not transfer development rights into the Overlay. 
  • Secondary farm residences will be allowed provided that a development right is available and an affidavit is recorded with the Register of Deeds attesting to the following; the residents of the dwelling will be receiving a minimum of 51% of their income from the farm and in the event of the residence being transferred to a non-farm owner, a Certified Survey Map creating a separate parcel in accordance with existing size regulations will be approved and recorded in accordance with all existing regulations governing land divisions.


Zone Change application for Farmland Preservation properties
Farmland Preservation Informational Brochure
Waupaca County Land & Water Conservation Department

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