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Greenway Commission

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Waupaca County Greenway Commission

The Greenways Commission started in concept form when the county was going through the updating process of our existing Bike\PED Plan. While going through the process it became clear that something was necessary to address not only the current shotgun pattern of bike\PED development, but the overall issue of our demographic changes within the county. To put it simply, we are not replacing ourselves. Our population is getting older and older. This dynamic is putting a strain on our schools, businesses as well as other social services. To combat this demographic shift, uneven development pattern and to avoid the plan from being forgotten about until the next update period, the Greenways Commission was created.

The primary charge of the commission is to use the Bike\PED plan as a guiding document to administer grants. These grants are intended to help finance projects that further the objectives of the overall plan.

Congratulations to the Readfield Recreation Trail Project and the Iola Winter Sports Club, recipients of the 2020 grant!


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