• Background

Iola Winter Sports Club

This greenway project's main three focuses are to add to the existing Green Trail, lengthen the skijoring trail and add a biathlon course to the newly purchased land that is adjacent to the Iola Winter Sports Club. The extension to our existing Green Trail for walking and running in the summer and skiing in the winter, will be considered the easiest level of difficulty, which allows any level of fitness level to enjoy. We are partnering with the Iola Conservancy Club and the Midwest Biathlon Association. The Iola Winter Sports Club will lay out the course on the land, excavate, add culverts, and have trail seeded. We will level land where needed to have it ready for this winter, the winter of 2020/2021. We plan on having the skijoring trail completed by November 2020. Our volunteer trail maintenance team will keep the trail in working condition. This greenway project gives people within a 30 plus mile radius an extension of the existing skijoring trail and also for those skiing, a level one trail for shear enjoyment. The trail, when used for the biathlon course will be far reaching, much further than just the Midwest. People from all over the state and country will come to compete or just leisurely ski.
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