surveyor - CopyDo I Need A Certified Survey?

A Certified Survey Map (CSM) is required for any newly created parcel of 20.0 acres or less (less than half a 1/4 1/4). These can only be done by a Licensed Land Surveyor, and must be reviewed by the Zoning Administrator ($100/map). After it is reviewed, it must be recorded with the Register of Deeds Office ($30 recording fee).

All land divisions need to be reviewed by the Zoning Administrator.

All land divisions require a deed be recorded that describes the outer boundary(ies) of the resultant parcel(s).
List of Area Land Surveyors

What are Development Rights?

Through the comprehensive planning process, each township sent out surveys to its citizens to determine what they wanted the townships to look like long term. In order to achieve those goals, each township has set maximum residential densities for the more rural areas. These densities vary by township and zoning district, so call the Planning & Zoning Office to check to make sure building is possible in your area. 


  • Agricultural structures do not require the use of a development right.
  • Outside of the Farmland Preservation Overlay, development rights can be transferred to contiguous parcels within the same Township provided that an owner is in common and the zoning district (not Rural Residential) is the same.
  • The transfer of development rights will be allowed from the Farmland Preservation Overlay into lands outside, but not vice versa.  The transfer of development rights will also be allowed between farms of same ownership provided they are all within the Farmland Preservation Overlay and the same Township.

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