A Land Use Permit is NOT a Building Permit 

  • A land use permit reviews only the use of the property and setbacks. A Land Use permit is required for all structures built or moved onto the property. The Waupaca County Planning & Zoning Office issues all Land Use permits. However, the Townships of Dupont, Fremont and Harrison have their own zoning and a Township zoning deputy will issue land use permits not in shoreland areas. In those three Townships, the Planning & Zoning Office does issue all shoreland permits.
  • Your Township, City or Village has hired a Building Inspector to issue Building permits. This permit requires review of the specifics of how the structure is built and utilities are installed.  Some projects will require a building permit. Consult this list to find your building inspector.
What is Required to Obtain My Land Use Permit?
  1. A fire number/property address must be obtained from the Land Information Office (715-258-6496) before any permits can be issued. There is no fee from the County for this, but it is a necessary step for 9-1-1 purposes.  For more information, click here.
  2. New or replacement dwellings and some additions require a sanitary permit or a system evaluation.
  3. A detailed site plan must be submitted including setbacks to property lines, roads, water bodies, septic system components, etc.
  4. Both sides of the application must be filled out completely and it must be signed.
  5. Fees must be submitted. See the current fees here. If construction has been started or completed before obtaining a permit, fees are doubled.

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