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As you may know, flood insurance is mandatory for all federally-backed financial assistance (mortgages) for the purchase or construction of buildings within a high-risk floodplain area (also known as the Special Flood Hazards Area (SFHA) or 100-year floodplain).

Currently, the Planning and Zoning Office is working towards becoming a member of the Community Rating System (CRS), and NFIP program that rewards communities for their efforts above simply adopting and enforcing minimum standards. If Waupaca County qualifies, a reduction in flood insurance premiums will be offered to policy holders.

If you are currently required to hold a flood insurance policy but believe that your structure is actually outside the SFHA, then contact a surveyor. A surveyor may be able to help you dispute a floodplain determination in the event that there was an error in the floodplain mapping. In come cases, a floodplain survey or FEMA Elevation Certificate may be sufficient to prove that your structure is out of the floodplain. In other cases, you may need to go to the length of applying for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). If approved, a waiver to the flood insurance requirement will be granted. Please note - a LOMA only applies to the properties on natural grade where there has been a mapping error; it does not apply to properties that have been filled and does not apply to a building that was built in the floodplain.

FEMA's NFIP website has multiple links and helpful tips on flood insurance. Visit their website for more information.

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