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Waupaca County's goal is to recruit and select individuals who are qualified and committed to provide the services that empower and protect our residents and guests.  If you are someone that finds satisfaction in helping and supporting others, consider applying for a position with Waupaca County by clicking below:


B-3 Early Intervention Speech Therapist (contracted position) 

County: Waupaca County
Job Title: B-3 Early Intervention Speech Therapist

Type of Employment: Part Time- Pediatric Speech Therapy (24-30hrs per week)
Hourly Rate of Pay: $60.00- $63.00
How to Apply: Contact Nicole Lauritzen.  Email: 
Phone: 715.258.6388
Deadline: open

POSITION SUMMARY:   Do you have a passion for working with families who have infants and toddlers with developmental delays? Do you have the desire to be your own boss while being part of a dynamic team?


Serve as the speech therapist on the B-3 team utilizing the Primary Coach Approach to Teaming to provide services to children and families. 

Screen and evaluate infant/child’s speech and language skills.

Participate in Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) team meeting with at least one (1) other professional and the parents to identify EEN, strategies, frequency, etc.

Coach families as well as other team members on appropriate strategies to assist the family in meeting their child’s goal as well as promote overall development.

Attend team meetings and contribute necessary information to support the team and families.

Provide information and promote discussion in such areas as developmental disabilities, health, behavior, and other areas of interest to families, team members, and collaborating partners.

Offer support and empathy to families as they cope with caring for their child.

Interpret to the families the children’s developmental levels and progress.

Empower parent/caregivers in being advocates for their child by helping parents/caregivers feel confident and comfortable in understanding and enjoying their child as well as planning for their child and family’s future and as they currently work with medical and other collaborating partners.

Develop a cooperative working relationship with team members and collaborative partners.

Assist family and coordinate with the local school districts, Head Start, preschool, childcare, and other community settings in order to insure a continuum of services for children. 

Complete documentation that is timely, clear, measurable and accountable and meets all required federal, state and local requirements.

QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s Degree Required.  Will consider a person in their Clinical Fellowship Year.  Waupaca County will potentially provide supervision for CFY.


Services are dynamic and individualized to reflect the child’s and family members’ preferences, learning styles and cultural beliefs.

Work as an independent contractor to provide B-3 speech therapy services.

Complete knowledge of speech and language development and general knowledge of overall development.

Maintain supportive professional relationships with families and coworkers.

Effectively use computers and electronic devices for scheduling, communicating, documentation, organization, reporting; and data tools to track own work and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

Effective organization and time management, management of multiple tasks and deadlines.

Demonstrated positive regard for families (allowing independent decision-making, avoiding stereotyping, and respecting families’ privacy).

Ability to implement agency Trauma Informed Care Principles: Share Power, Be Welcoming, Respect Human Rights, Be Strength-Based, Promote Safety, Be Person-Centered, Be Strength-Based, Promote Safety, Earn Trust, Offer a Helping Hand

Ability to demonstrate objectivity; patience and perseverance.

Ability to support and respect each family’s capacity and resources. Family capacity includes the knowledge and skills the family has to support their child’s development and meet their child’s needs.

Ability to build on strengths and reduce stressors so families are able to engage with their children in mutually enjoyable interactions and activities.

Ability to recognize and support the value and importance of culturally sensitive practice; that each family’s culture, spiritual beliefs and activities, values and traditions may be different from those of interventionist.

Ability to establish and maintain cooperative, effective professional relationships with families and others; and maintain effective working relationships as part of a team.

Ability to use active listening and critical thinking skills.

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