Fund Inmate's Accounts
To put funds on an inmate's account

You may use the kiosk located in the jail lobby inside Door #19 by the tall radio tower.  There is an intercom located just right of door 19 to gain access to the kiosk.  You may use cash / credit at the kiosk.  The TurnKey kiosk does not accept debit cards at this time, it does accept Visa / Mastercard/ Discover credit cards.  There is a fee the using the kiosk that is determined by Turn Key.

**Please note** Kiosk transactions are limited to $150.00 per transaction.  Also a limit of $500 may be deposited over a 30 day period.  These limits are set up by Turnkey, and not the jail facility.

You may fund an inmates account online at

Cash, cashier's checks, or money orders may be sent through the US mail.  No personal checks are accepted.

Please note if and debt is owed to the jail, any deposits are subject to a 25% maximum deduction towards their debt owed.  This may include booking fees, warrant fees, hygiene kits, daily fees, medication costs from previous or current stays at our facility.

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