Waupaca County Sheriff - Corrections Division
soAs a key component in the Criminal Justice System, the Waupaca County Jail is a correctional facility operated by the Sheriff, in accordance with the Constitutions of the State of Wisconsin and the United States of America. Accordingly, the jail will meet or exceed standards established by the Wisconsin Department of Correction, federal, state, and local law.
The Waupaca County Jail will provide inmates with necessary health care services. Inmates will be encouraged to modify behaviors through compliance with jail rules. The jail will provide a range of programs and voluntary self-help opportunities to reduce idleness and prepare inmates for eventual return to the community.

The Waupaca County Jail will house pre-trial and sentenced inmates in a manner that assures the safety and security of the staff, inmates and the citizens of the County. 

In 2001, Waupaca County saw the opening of its new facility. The Facility is located at 1402 East Royalton Street. The jail can house 320 inmates, currently its average daily population is approximately 200 inmates.

The jail is responsible for the care and custody of prisoners. It also functions as a holding facility for convicted felons awaiting transfer to the Wisconsin State Prison System, and sentenced prisoners, as well as prisoners awaiting trial.
Our facility also houses many Wood and Portage County inmates as safekeepers.  We also house some Extended Supervision inmates from Brown County.

Lieutenant Jason Russell is in charge of operations of the County Jail. Captain Adam Wogsland is the Jail Administrator.  The County Jail is an extremely busy and active facility. Numerous programs are offered to inmates. Our goal is to help the prisoners incarcerated.



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The County Jail offers G.E.D., drug and alcohol counseling programs, religious counseling, telephone privileges, video visits and the Inmate Worker Program. Prisoners have access to health care under the guidance of Wellpath.

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The County Jail also has various conditions of confinement ranging from minimum, medium, to maximum security housing. The County Jail also has a disciplinary unit. Housing is determined by the Classification Sergeants.


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