Mail, Pictures, Property
To send an inmate a letter, put their name on the envelope along with our address:

Waupaca County Jail 1402 E. Royalton Street, Waupaca, WI 54981.

Accepted mail is mail that has a return address on it, no drawings, stickers, heavy perfume on envelope or letter.  If any of these apply, the letter will be returned to send or placed in the inmate's property bag until their release.  We do not accept any musical, home made cards or drawings of any kind.  We do not accept Internet postings (Facebook, blogs, twitter, lyrics).  We do not accept clippings out of newspapers or magazines.  We do not accept packages from websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, other websites.
As of 08/01/23, Visitors may send in books directly from publishers or websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Hobles.  They much be all soft cover books as well as appropriate content.

Portage and Wood County inmates are not allowed to write inmates at Waupaca County Jail and vise versa.  This is due to housing their inmates and security risks.  Inmates may write any other county jails or prisons.

Pictures may be mailed in.  Inmates are allowed a total of 6 pictures in their possession.  Please limit photos to standard 4 x 6 size.  Any gang related, inappropriate, or pictures depicting nudity will not be accepted.

We do not allow any clothing, mail, property to be dropped off at the jail.  If you wish to pick up property from an inmate, it must be done between 9am-11am on Saturdays and Sundays and the inmate must fill out the appropriate property release form describing what and to whom to release items too.  You have do this at public entrance Door 19.

Incoming inmates / Starting sentences:
Inmates are issued jail issued clothing.  Any other clothing must be bought off commissary.  We do not take new packages of clothing or clothing from another county.

All street clothes for Wood and Portage County inmates, are stored back at their counties, not at Waupaca.

Donations of soft cover books and puzzles can be made in the Sheriff's Department lobby.  We do NOT accept magazines or any hard cover book.  Donations are very much appreciated!

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