Medications / Healthcare
Waupaca County Jail contracts with Wellpath for all medical services.  A member of the Nursing staff is available 24/7 to provide medical care to inmates upon request or in the event of an emergency.  While incarcerated, Inmates are under the care of the Wellpath Doctor and nursing staff.  Mental health services are also available to inmates upon request.

Personal medications and reading glasses may be dropped off at the huber door 19 at any time.  All items dropped off will be signed for by the individual dropping off the items.  All medications must be appropriately labeled in the original pill container, labeled with the inmates name's, prescription name, and be a current prescription.  Please notice that not all prescription are allowed in our facility.  All medications are approved and or denied by the Wellpath Doctor. 

Inmates are financially responsible for all medications and services provided while incarcerated.
Medications and Healthcare

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