Phone / Video Visits
***All on-site visits are cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19 precautions.***

Phone Accounts

Our facility uses Securus Technologies for our phone and video visitation services.  To set up a phone account go to or main support line 972-734-1111.

As of June 2020, we no longer have our Phone Card Kiosk for visitors to purchase phone cards.  You may add funds to an inmate's account and they can purchase phone time on their kiosk in their assigned housing area. Inmates now have the ability to purchase phone time directly and instantly on their kiosk in their pod.

**Please note we do NOT deliver messages to inmates unless it is a legitimate emergency that can be verified by our jail staff.  The public is not allowed to call into the jail to speak to an inmate.  All inmates have access to phones during non-lock down hours.**

This service is now working at our facility and you may send pictures, videos, carts, emails to inmates.  Inmates may reply to messages for a fee, you may also pay this fee for them.  All communications are subject to approval just as video visits and general mail rules.  Please see Securus website for costs on this new feature.

Video Visitation
As of 02-26-2020, all visitation is done through video kiosks located in each pod.  We no longer have in person visits at the jail.  **All video visits are subject to monitoring and recording.**

Please visit to register and set up an account for a video visitation.  Video visits are possible on most computers, tablets, smart phones.  All visits must be set up by visitors and confirmed by jail staff a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the selected visit time.  All visits are approximately 30 minutes long.  Inmates are limited to 2 remote visits per day.  Also if you wish to cancel a scheduled visit, you need to cancel the visit more than 24 hours in advance if you wanted to receive a refund.  Visits can be modified or cancelled on the same website as where you scheduled it.  Any visits cancelled less than 24 hours will not be refunded. 
**Any inappropriate behavior may result in termination of video visit and / or suspension of the visitor being allowed to schedule visits in the future.**

Remote visit hours are daily from:
On-Site Visits
There are 4 on-site kiosks located at the Huber entrance, door 19.  You must schedule these in advance just as the remote visits. Please check in at door 19, go to the master control window with your identification prior to going to your visit.  You will need to have which kiosk terminal and pin number in order to start your on site visitation.  Only people listed on the advanced schedule will be allowed to visit.  No walk in visits are accepted.  Limit of 4 people per visit.


Hours of On-Site Video Visits:
Sunday 1pm-4pm

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