Posting Bond / Fees
Post Bond
To post a cash bond for a Waupaca County inmate, please visit the Waupaca County Clerk of Courts located on the 3rd floor of the courthouse between the hours of 8am-4pm.  If it is outside of these hours, you may post bond at the jail at Door 19.  You may use cash or debit at the kiosk located in the Jail lobby at door 19.  Please bring exact funds as we do not have the ability to make change.

Any individual booked into the Waupaca County Jail may be subject to a $40 booking fee with the exception of probation holds and being a safekeeper from another county.  You may also be subject to a $35 warrant fee if you are transported to our facility on a warrant.  These fees do not have to be paid at time of booking, inmates are given 10 days to pay these fees after their release, otherwise they are sent to collection.

Sentenced inmates are charged a $10 a day daily fee.

GPS / Huber fees
Our county does off a GPS / EMP bracelet program.  The cost is $210 a week ($30 / day), with a one time $10 urine analysis fee at time of set up.  For info and guidelines on our GPS program, or to set up a sentence, please contact a Corrections Huber Sergeant at the jail.

Prior to your sentencing date, if you plan on exercising Huber, please stop and see a Corrections Sergeant about setting up a start date and getting your Huber packet.  If your case is OWI 3rd or greater, you will have to serve a mandatory 48 hour sentence in the jail before getting released on GPS.  A requirement of our GPS program is that you reside and are employed in Waupaca County or an adjacent county.

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