Wisconsin businesses and other workplaces can save landfilling costs, earn money from the sale of materials and help Wisconsin's economy and environment by recycling. 

Wisconsin's recycling laws banned certain materials from landfill disposal, and this applies to all residential and non-residential locations. Businesses and other workplaces must recycle designated materials, as well as provide for the recycling of these materials by their clients or customers.  

The Waupaca County Solid Waste Department has many services it can offer to county businesses to help them manage their waste stream. Some of our services are:
  • Contract support
  • Waste reduction
  • How to recycle specific items
  • Training to staff/presentations
For more information please contact:
Allison Birr, Recycling Coordinator 
Waupaca County Solid Waste & Recycling 
715-258-6254/ allison.birr@co.waupaca.wi.us

Business Recycling Guide

Business Hazardous Waste Material 

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