Dispose of your Household Hazardous Waste at the special rate shown below at the Waupaca County Processing & Transfer Facility. Proof of residency required.

May through October - By appointment only!

Waupaca County PTF - E4981 Swan Rd. Manawa 

Waste Type Special Pricing
Flammable Liquids (gas, charcoal lighter, paint thinner) $.60/lb
Paint (lead and oil-based only) $.60/lb
Stain, Varnish, Shellac $.60/lb
Concrete Sealer, Blacktop Sealer $.60/lb
Halogenated Solvents (degreasers, cleaners) $.55/lb
Aerosols (incl. aerosol pesticides) $.65/lb
Acids/Base (i.e. corrosives, drain cleaners) $.65/lb
Pesticides (non-aerosols) $.85/lb
Poisons (cyanide) $.70/lb
Oxidizers (hypochlorite pool chemicals) $.70/lb
Flammable Solids (flares) $.75/lb
Peroxides (hardeners for fiberglass) $.75/lb
Mercury $.75/lb
Mercury Thermometers $.45/ea
Please note: Latex paint will not be accepted at the PTF.  Once latex paint is dry, it can be disposed of in the trash.  Paint Hardener Powder ($4.00 per bag) is available at the PTF, Solid Waste Dept., and Waupaca and Clintonville Area Recycling Centers.  One bag will dry up to 2/3 of a gallon of latex paint.

Pesticides in powder form must be double bagged to ensure containment.

Containers cannot be returned. All material, if not in its original container, must be in a container which can be left at the PTF. This includes gasoline cans or buckets/tubs used to contain leaking materials.

Special rate is available to households in Waupaca and Waushara Counties.

For out-of-county resident pricing click here. 

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