The Waupaca County Veterans Service Office operates under the authority of WI §45.80 and the Waupaca County Board of Supervisors.

Serving those who served, since 1934.


The Waupaca County Veterans Service Office reaches out to, coordinates with, and empowers the Veterans of Waupaca County.  We stand ready to assist, educate, and advise resident Veterans (and eligible dependents) on non-profit, local, state, and federal benefits associated with military service.


The Waupaca County Veterans Service Office will remain a relevant and reliable source of contemporary benefit delivery as well as guidance related to Veteran services provided by non-profit, local, state, and federal entities.  In order to accomplish this vision the Waupaca County Veterans Service Office will:

  • Actively seek and engage in high quality training opportunities
  • Provide accurate, timely, and consistent service/information
  • Engage the resident Veterans of Waupaca County through a creative variety of medias and venues
  • Seek continuous improvement, innovation, and efficiency


  • Competence:  The capacity of a person to first understand a situation then take reasonable and effective action within the scope of policy, regulation, and law.  Competence incorporates knowledge, skill, and reasonable action to accomplish the best possible outcome in every situation.
  • Duty:  Fulfilling professional obligations.  This value incorporates dynamically carrying out all explicit and implied tasks as a part of the Waupaca County Veterans Service Office team.
  • Integrity:  Doing what is right, legally, ethically, and morally.  Acting with integrity is a developed quality that binds us to competently performing our duties while adhering to policy, regulation, law, and sound moral principles.


The Waupaca County Veterans Service provides exceptional Veteran benefit delivery.  Our team diligently works to provide best possible outcomes in every situation.  The work we do improves the quality of life for our clients and strengthens our community.


Connecting veterans and their families with benefits and services since 1934.

Waupaca CVSO
Courthouse, 811 Harding St
Waupaca, WI 54981




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