photo of dick koeppen Dear Residents,
Every ten years, the U.S. Census Bureau is charged with the monumental task of fulfilling the U.S. Constitution's requirement to count every person living in the country. This a census year, and getting the population count right in 2020 will have impacts that span the next decade. Starting in March, every household in Waupaca County will receive an invitation to respond to the census by mail, over the phone, or online. In 2010, only 81% of Wisconsinites responded to the census. This spring, I'm asking that everybody in Waupaca County participates. 

Full participation in the 2020 census is important to Waupaca County because it ensures that we receive our fair share of federal funding for emergency services, roads, health clinics, schools, and much more. When everybody is counted, we are also better represented in Congress and in the state legislature. 

This year, there have been some concerns about the safety and confidentiality of the census because of the proposal to add a citizenship question to the questionnaire. I want to assure you that the census is safe, and your information is private. The citizenship question was not added to the questionnaire, and the census will never share your information with anybody. That's the law. 

Responding to the census is easy. With only ten questions, it takes just minutes to complete. However, the consequences of not responding to the census can last for years. When you receive your invitation to participate in the U.S. Census, I ask that you do your civic duty and respond. This year, let's make the census count for Waupaca County. 


Dick Koeppen

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